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  • Rohan 239 · Nov 06, 2022

    Kaushick did a great job. He is thorough in his approach, follows directions, and has the skills needed to do the job right.

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  • Rachel E. · Feb 07, 2021

    Outstanding lawyer!

    for Review subcontracting agreement for sub

  • Ben 358 · Mar 29, 2017

    I am beyond thrilled with Kau. He delivered the same quality work as attorneys and paralegals I've used in my home state. Bringing Kau up to speed to speed on the case only took one conversation which I was not charged for. This made it easy to discuss the case and create a strategy with an expert. I took on my case PRO SE and increased my net proceeds by THOUSANDS. We brought progressive insurance to a fair settlement for $100! They did not stand a chance.

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