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  • Cae
  • Cfd
  • Component Development
  • Design
  • Fea
  • Mechanical Design
  • Ansys Fluent
  • Application Testing
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Bug Fixes
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Estimation
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Fluid Dynamics

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  • Automotive Engineering

    $38/hr Starting at $40

    Includes vehicle engineering, dynamics, structural and aerodynamic and other engineering aspects of the vehicle. We undertake system design and development work including brakes, suspension, drivetrain,...

    Ansys FluentAutomotive EngineeringCaeCfdComponent Development
  • Mechanical Engineering

    $38/hr Starting at $30

    The service includes machine or mechanism design, structural design, FEA, CFD, CAE, dynamic, kinetic and structural simulation.

    CaeCfdFeaFinite Element AnalysisMachine Design
  • Prototype Development and testing

    $44/hr Starting at $100

    Includes design for prototyping, prototype cost estimation, component selection for the prototype, prototype fabrication/ construction, testing and modifying prototype. The prototype can be built to test...

    Component DevelopmentConstructionDesignEstimationProduct Design
  • Website and App testing

    $12/hr Starting at $25

    Includes website and application bug search, bug report, review, etc. The bug report includes functionality issues, visual issues, usability issues, performance and lag issues, etc.

    Application TestingBug FixesPerformance EngineeringReportsReview Writing
  • Robotics Engineering

    $38/hr Starting at $40

    This includes design and development of robotics and automation systems. Special purpose robots, customized robots, remote material handling, grippers, robotic arms, all-terrain robotics, unmanned aerial...

    DesignEngineeringMaterial HandlingRemotingRobotics


Robotics Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

I'm Khushaldas, I'm a robotics engineer. I've educational background in Mechanical engineering, however, I've worked on many multi-discipline projects including electric vehicles, autonomous robots with computer vision, miniature robots, testing equipments, etc. I've worked on full development cycle of a product from conceptualization, designing, engineering, prototyping, modifications, redesign and manufacturing.

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Work Terms

Timezone: Indian Standard Time (GMT +05:30)

Communication: messaging over email, video conferencing on Google Meet, Face to face meetings