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  • Music Transcription
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  • Creative
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  • I Will Write Your Book For You

    $25/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I am a Creative Writer whose major specialty is writing book, either fiction (novels and short stories) or nonfiction (eBooks such as journals, biographies, autobiographies). I own no right to any book...

    Audio TranscriptionBiography WritingCreativeeBook WritingErotica Writing
  • Audio and Video to Text Transcription

    $20/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I'm a transcriptionist. I can help convert your audio interviews, chats, seminars, workshops, etc, into text formats. However, the audio file has to be clear enough and English (BE or AmE) should be the...

    Audio TranscriptionEnglish LanguageLegal TranscriptionMedical TranscriptionMusic Transcription


Expert Ebook Writer/Novel/Fiction/Non-fiction/Biography/Autobiography


I welcome you to my GHOSTWRITING description page. On this platform, I will be your GHOSTWRITING EBOOK WRITER or BOOK WRITER. I’m a professional at EBOOK WRITING and I have written a lot of bestselling ebooks on AMAZON. I am also very good at NOVEL WRITING as I have worked with many successful writers both online and offline, including ARTICLE WRITERS. I always CREATE EBOOKS that capture the attention of your audience and make them come back for more. This is because I write my Ebooks in ways that make them a real page-turner.

I am an award-winning storyteller, a writer of many voices, and an expert copy, structural, content and story editor. I will take your project to the next level!

I love writing, and I carry that passion into all of my works.

I am a man whose most obvious and exercised talent is the creation of stories, worlds, characters and the themes that tie them all together. I have been well-honed in writing as a hobby for over a decade at serious, practiced intervals.

I am well-traveled in interests, knowledge, cultures, and the capacity to create interesting worlds on a whim!

My biggest pieces of inspiration are all the things I watch, read and play through. Each movie I watch that has a hinting of themes makes me want to take those themes and mold my own story for them. Each season of anime brings up plenty of high-concept intriguing premises and worlds to build off of. Each story makes me think "well, I could have done that better," and so I do. Allow me to wield my talent of creativity for you.

Any genre!
Any setting!
Any mood or tone!

The more prompt and guideline you give me, the better and faster I can work.

I also provide children book writing and non-fiction writing services, such as BIOGRAPHY, AUTOBIOGRAPHY, JOURNAL, MEMOIR, and a host of other EBOOK projects.

Topics covered include:

Health and fitness
Diet and weight loss
Spiritual Awakening

Work Terms

My delivery time is entirely dependent on the kind of job I am given. On average, I submit jobs between two days and two weeks. I don't disappoint my clients. I can be reached via email on