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  • nmgold · Jun 27, 2020

    Very creative

    for Create simple, navigable 3D exhibit hall

  • GolfPlayed, Inc. · May 09, 2018

    GolfPlayed Inc was extremely satisfied by Marco's contribution to our project. The quality of his work was of a very high standard, he completed his tasks in a timeous manner, his communications was great and he was very reliable. We would definitely recommend him as a high level resource for any project.

    for React Native app

  • GolfPlayed, Inc. · Feb 28, 2018

    Marco is absolutely fantastic! His quality of work and the speed he delivers work with is unbelievable and based on his outstanding performance we will always approach Marco to see if he is available for our projects. Absolutely one of the best available React Native assets available on

    for React Native app

  • Arno Klein · Oct 12, 2017

    It has been a pleasure working with Marco on this first set of deliverables, and we look forward to working with him to complete the project!

    for Anxiety App with Arno Klein