Miguel Tavares

Austin, Texas, United States

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Miguel Tavares

HardC0r3 DevOps / Linux Freek and Game Dev

I’m a highly experienced technical systems engineer with over 14 years enterprise experience in systems and development particularly in the financial and telecoms industry with particular interest in Linux as well as Unix.

I like to automate things and to pick up metrics from HW or SW and do data quantification with it as part of BI and create graphs, reports allowing for pro-activity, capacity planning and much more bringing major value added towards the corp which in turn, drove me to DevOps.

During this period I have also gained valuable experience in leading and mentoring development teams and a certain number of certifications. I have both technical and interpersonal skills and am looking for a challenging role that utilizes my previous skills and experiences.

On my last Role, we achieved an important TCO reduction by virtualization several hundreds of physical servers into docker within 8 AWS x1 type instances.
To achieve this, we used as CI and CD, ansible and puppet for orchestrating the deploy, linked to jenkins pipeline and Git as our source code revisioning system repository.
This allowed us to iterate through given revisions if required to deploy to the main dev staging and production environment (100) containers at time with, ease of usage.
The most complex configuration was done with containerized services that are bootstrapped with supervisorctl and s3overlay for their service management.
The docker images that worked with were Alpine, CentOS and Ubuntu and the distributed system stack for the app to work was based on apache cassandra, zookeeper, httpd, activemq, rabbitmq, postfix, haproxy, nginx and traefik as reverse proxies and apache solr core and complete stack (aggregators, proxies, storage importers), apache httpd and nginx and lot more.
Currently, im interested and believe me would be great to deploy all my skill set as value for the above and im sure would be great to decrease TCO increase ROI and mentor and hit the SOA arch of it (would

Work Terms

Available 20/40/60 hrs per week if required.