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  • I write precise software documentations

    $10/hr Starting at $30 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Peace be upon you. During the last three years, I have been writing documentations which require top level knowledge of technicalities for several government, semi-government and non-government global...

    Business Proposal DevelopmentBusiness Proposal WritingDiagramDocumentationDocumentation Services
  • I will write Technical Proposal for RFP

    $10/hr Starting at $30 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Several government. semi-government and non-government organizations request for proposals known as RFP which requires a strong technical proposal to be submitted to win the project. This type of proposals...

    Business Proposal DevelopmentBusiness Proposal WritingCompetitive PricingDiagramDocumentation


Producing Precise Software Documentations Since 2015

Peace be upon you. I respond to RFP's or Sources Sought Notices through writing Technical Proposals. During the last Five(5) years I wrote not less than 500 technical documentations which are mostly for Software Projects that includes Software Requirements Specification, Expression of Interest, Project Overviews, API Documentations, Manuals etc.

Several government. semi-government and non-government organizations request for proposals known as RFP which requires a strong technical proposal to be submitted to win the project. This type of proposals contains the response to the requirements that has been mentioned in the RFP as prior concern before the submission. Today the strong technical proposals contains -

- Statement of requirements
- Technical Specifications of the product
- Detailed Features
- Expertise and capabilities of the offerer
- Finally Pricing or project plan

So, there's no alternative of writing a technical proposal which contains compelling content, flawless language and brief but to the point discussions. And to achieve that goal and win the project, allow me to help you write a technical proposal with the functionalities mentioned above.

I am specialized in drawing technical diagrams which are mostly Software Implementation Diagram, Use Cases, UML, Sequence & Activity Diagrams, Flow Charts, Component Diagrams and many more.

The tools I mostly use for drawing these technical diagrams are mostly:
- MS Visio
- Sketch
- StarUML
- LucidChart

So, if you're looking for a UML diagram that will suit your idea or the software project that you're going to develop then allow me to help you. If you don't have any idea or not clear then let me help you to come up with a diagram that shall meet your expectations. Thank you!

Work Terms

To write Software Document I need short summary on the topic of the documentation, any sketch or illustrations to understand the scope if possible. Necessary document can be shareable through Email, Google drive or Dropbox. Drawings & sketches may be shared as ordinary screenshots, Jumpshare links, InvisionApp or Zeplin. On the contrary, an audio call through suitable but effective channels to specify the requirements verbally might be helpful.

To write a Project Proposal against an RFP, firstly the RFP is required to acquire the points and requirements that needs to be highlighted in the proposal which will effect the most. And then any documentation regarding the experience and capabilities of the bidder will be wonderful because most of the RFP requires the previous expertise and experience to be mentioned in the proposal. Finally a chat after defining the scope of the RFP would be helpful to finalize the task and started!

I need answers to the following questions -
a. the problem
b. how you’re planning solve it
c. why your way is the best solution for that problem

For process workflow diagram I would like to know how your software project works actually. That will allow me to identify roles and associated responsibilities to draw a precise process workflow diagram.

In case of structural diagrams you may have to give me an idea about the classes, objects, packages or components. Any documentation or codebase that can help me to attain that idea would be good enough.

In case of Behavioral diagrams you may require to give me an idea about how the system behaves and interacts with itself and with users, other systems, and other entities. This will allow me to visualize the perfect Behavioral Diagram that you're looking for.

And if you don't any of the requirement mentioned above then just leave me a message. Then we can have a conversation and figure out how to draw the technical diagram that perfectly suits your requirements. So, what are we waiting for?

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