Muhammad Salman Kabir

Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

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Muhammad Salman Kabir

Electronics and Communication Engineering Expert

I'm an Electrical & Electronics Engineer having 3 years experience in Analog and Digital Circuit Design and Analysis.

I'm proficient with a wide variety of circuit analysis and designing tools like Altium Designer, Autocad Electrical, Eagle, LTspice, Multisim, Proteus Design Suite, Pspice and Simulink etc.

Coming to Micro-controller, I'm well familiar with microcontroller programming like PIC, AVR and 8051. I'm able to convert your idea into reality. Moreover I'm also did work on Arduino, BeagleBone, Nanode, Teensy, STM32, Ti MSP430 LaunchPad and Raspberry Pi.

In digital logic design, I can serve you not only with theoretical design but also with HDL. The simulators, I'm good in, are:

1. Aeolus-DS
2. CVC
3. ModelSim
4. Questa
5. MPSim
6. PureSpeed
7. Verilogger Pro
8. Verilator

Below is the list of courses I have done:

1. Arduino Programming
2. AVR – Microcontroller Programming
3. C++ Programming
4. Dgital Signal Processing
5. Digital Logic Design
6. Linear Control System Design
7. MATLAB Programming
8. PIC – Microcontroller Programming

and some projects:

1. Design of Amplitude Modulator and Demodulator (DSB – SC)
2. Bluetooth Controlled Vehicle using AVR Microcontroller
3. Design of Robotic Arm using Arduino
4. Design of Class D Amplifier
5. Design of Metal Detector using LC resonance phenomena
6. Home Automation using Raspberry Pi & Node J
7. Near Field Wireless Power Transmission using Inductive Coupling
8. Noise removal from an audio source by designing Digital Filter in MATLAB
9. Power Theft Monitoring using Arduino
10. Transformer Overload Protection System using PIC µController

Try my services and you will never regret at it.

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