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  • PCB Design
  • Circuit Design
  • Firmware Development
  • Altium Designer
  • Electronics
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Analog Circuit Design
  • Eagle PCB
  • GPS
  • Pcb Layout
  • Arduino
  • Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Embedded System
  • LTE

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  • Nordic nRF52832 BLE-Firmware

    $50/hr Starting at $500

    I developed BLE sensor control board based on Nordic nRF52832 BLE SoC and in the project, I was responsible for circuit design, PCB design, motor control HW and firmware programming, and enclosure design...

    Altium DesignerAnalog Circuit DesignBluetooth Low EnergyCircuit DesignDesign
  • Altium Designer | PCB Design

    $50/hr Starting at $500

    I have designed over 200+ PCB boards using Altium designer like Power supply devices, embedded systems, RF IoT devices, electronic consumer devices, and wearable devices. I am familiar with circuit design,...

    Altium DesignerAntenna DesignCircuit DesignComputer EngineerDesign
  • 4G LTE GPS Tracking Device - PCB design

    $50/hr Starting at $500

    I developed several kinds of GPS tracking devices using lots of RF modules such as Quectel BG96, BG77, uBlox SARA-R410 4G LTE module, SARA-U201 GSM/GPRS module, SIM868, and A9G GSM/GPS modules. In the...

    3D Motion TrackingApp DevelopmentCircuit DesignDesignDigital
  • FPGA PCB Design (Electrical Engineering)

    $50/hr Starting at $500

    I have developed many kinds of embedded systems based on FPGA SoCs like Intel serial FPGAs and Xilinx FPGA. I am familiar with PCB design and FPGA firmware programming using verilog/VHDL language and...

    DesignEmbedded DevelopmentEmbedded SystemsFirmware DevelopmentFPGA
  • ESP32 WiFi/BLE IoT Electronic Hardware

    $50/hr Starting at $500

    I have developed tons of home automation systems and electronic consumer devices using ESP32 WiFi/BLE module and ESP8266 WiFi module. In the previous projects, I was responsible for analog circuit design,...

    Altium DesignerArduinoBluetooth Low EnergyCircuit DesignComputer Hardware
  • SMD RGB LED Circuit Design

    $50/hr Starting at $500

    I have developed many kinds of custom electronic consumer LED control devices using WS2812B RGB LED, LM301H(M), 5050-R1200, and so on. In the previous projects, I was responsible for custom LED board...

    Altium DesignerCircuit DesignControllerDesignEagle PCB

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Electrical Engineer: PCB Design & Firmware Programming & Product Design

As a professional electronic and electrical engineer with over 10 years of experience, I am much experienced in developing many kinds of electrical devices:

- FPGA, DSP, CPLD PCB design and Firmware programming
- Accelerometer, aspiration, ECG, EEG, Air quality, Doppler sensor, peripheral circuit and PCB design
- Flexible PCB inlay design
- Up to 32 layers PCB design and signal integrity analysis
- Rapid prototyping and shipping the prototypes to anywhere
- RF Antenna/Front end, filter design. Microstrip/Micro wave circuit analysis and design
- High frequency circuit analysis and design – UHF/HF analog circuit design, High frequency digital circuit design such as DDR3, eMMC, Flash memory, 1 Gbps Ethernet circuit design.
- Video/Audio streaming circuit

- FPGA/ DSP firmware
- ADC/DAC, capacitive sensing
- BLDC motor control firmware
- Drone auto pilot firmware
- ISO7816 EMV chip firmware
- BMS(Battery Management system) firmware
- UART, I2C, Quad - SPI, USB, CANBus, I2S interface
- FREE RTOS, hal based driver firmware
- Bootloader coding
- BLE Gatt driver and AT commands

- Standalone RF module such as Nordic series (NRF52xxx), WiFi(ATSAM25W), BLE, Zigbee, Xbee (CC3000, CC3100, RN131, RN171, Xbee, Xbee Pro, nRF24L01)
- LoRaWAN module: RAK811, RAK8833
- IMU, Accelerometer, Air quality sensors
- ARM Cortex Mxx, STM32F, ATSAME70, AT91SAM, TM4C, Apollo MCUs
- AVR8 & 16bit: ATmega328, ATmega1280, ATmega2560, ATtiny43U, ATtiny85, ATmega32U4
- MSP: MSP430Gxxxx, MSP430Fxxxx, MSP430FRxxx
- Raspberry Pi 3 and 4
- Arduino series: Arduino UNO, Mega, Leonardo, Promini, YUN, ESP8266, ESP32, MKR100

Work Terms

Availability: More than 40 hours per week

- Circuit design
- PCB design
- Firmware programming
- Enclosure design