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  • Video Production
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    $30/hr Starting at $600 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Our branding strategies are inspired from the depth and grandeur of the great blue. When building an identity we believe in being limitless because we understand that a brand’s image is its single most...

    2D Animation2D ArtAnimationArtBooklet Design

    $60/hr Starting at $8,000 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Our connotation of canyons for CGI, Animation and VFX defines it as a bewildering maze. The idea behind choosing canyons as a part of our digital ecosystem is a hallmark of our larger than life presence...

    2D Animation2D Art2D Graphics3D3D Animation

    $40/hr Starting at $5,000 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    In the vast forest of Gaming and Interactive, which demands immense determination and nerves of steel, we find ourselves to be the conquerors. Through the thickets and deep woodlands, we love to explore...

    360 Degree Assessment3DAndriod AppsAndroidAnimation

    $40/hr Starting at $5,000 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Moving out of the traditional advertising methods to a digital era is just like wind in a desert that set forth when a gust front blows, accumulating all the loose sand dunes. The meteorological phenomenon...

    Ad CampaignsAdvertisingDigital MarketingDirect Digital MarketingExperiential Marketing

    $30/hr Starting at $2,000 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    The versatility of our marvelous forte of Web, Mobile and Technologies has an uncanny resemblance with the icy sheets that are not afraid to envelop everything that comes their way, with their raw force...

    AndroidAndroid DevelopmentAndroid ProgrammingAndroid SDKCorporate

    $60/hr Starting at $8,000 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    This landscape is tricky and has always required professionals. Turning a raw footage into a professional looking video is no less than a dare. Production and Post has evolved significantly throughout...

    2D Animation2D Art3D3D AnimationAdvertising


"A 360 IDEA (Interactive Digital Experiential Agency)

OffRoad Agency is recognized as one of the most innovative digital agencies in the world. Through our revolutionary 360 IDEA’s (360 Interactive Digital Experiential Agency’s) philosophy, we have smartly integrated diverse forte of technology, creativity and media that empowers us to surpass today’s technology and creativity barriers.

We harvest our inspiration from raw organic nature based on its diverse and versatile landscapes. By navigating through these strikingly contrasting territories and their unique topographies, we strive to achieve technological innovations ahead of their time. Unique among the earth’s digital landscape, we have conquered the stretches of Computer Graphics Imagery, the coral groves of the Interactive Gaming and the icy altitudes of the Web and Mobile Technologies roaring at the roof of the world.

Being the orchestrators of a digital ecosystem, we enable an advance relationship between man and technology. Throughout time we have been entrusted with the responsibility of delivering a truly singular experience by developing unparalleled technical solutions, a trust we competently uphold. We are driven by the compulsion to take incredibly powerful technology and making it accessible, relevant and ultimately personal. We are on a journey of exploration, trekking a terrain of constant discovery, a phenomenon we have become obsessed with.

Founded: 2001

Meet the Team

  • Mark Wilbur

    Mark Wilbur


  • Jeff Hussain

    Jeff Hussain

    Creative Director

  • JD Liaqat

    JD Liaqat


Work Terms

Our standard terms and conditions:
1. Award us the project.
2. Fund 50% amount.
3. Release 50% of the amount.
4. Provide your email Id (We will activate your account on the project portal and our creative team will communicate with you directly in the execution of the project).
5. Final 50% payment before the delivery of Source files.

Our working methodology allows direct client communication with the people actually doing the work. We believe that the message and expectations unless directly communicated to the creative’s by you, an element of gap always remain. For this purpose our project dashboard not only keeps you updated about your project status but also makes discussions and sharing files a breeze. With the innovative use of technology bundled with in-depth knowledge and wrapped in mind boggling creativity are we able to deliver our sophisticated design solutions. Our specialists make every effort to come up with most creative of the ideas and employ great consideration to eve

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