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  • Digital Painting
  • Drawing
  • French Translation
  • Graphic Art
  • Illustration
  • Artist
  • Book Illustration
  • Concept Art
  • Digital
  • Digital Designs
  • Digital Illustration
  • English Language
  • French Language
  • Photo Illustration
  • Portrait Illustration

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  • Basically everything related to art :)

    $20/hr Starting at $40

    Hello everyone, I am an artist, I have always drawn since I was a child, I am mostly specialized in portraits and realistic arts, I am very adaptable to anything you want as long as I get enough details...

    ArtistBook IllustrationConcept ArtDigitalDigital Illustration
  • Voice Talent

    $20/hr Starting at $40

    My skills are mostly used in mods for video game followers and the like. But I can also read aloud in different accents, voices, and am very good at story telling.

    Video GamesVoice Over ArtistVoice TalentVoice Talent-FemaleVoice-Over



I am an artist, by next year I will be a video game/movie graphic design artist.
I am good at writing, voice acting and translating from English to French, or the opposite.
I can pencil draw on paper, as well as charcoal.
I have recently added the digital drawing and painting to my abilities.
I am a fast and perfectionist artist.
So if you need a drawing/digital painting done, or voice over, fast, go to me.

Work Terms

I work by periods of times, depending on how busy I am. I prefer cash or Paypal transfers. Eventually, if need be, I will add a way to pay with credit card.
Depending on the kind of work you want, and the details you want, the price may vary. I am very flexible with them, and I do not charge that much. 10-15$ an hour for simple less detailed tasks is fine by me. The rest will only depend on how hard it is for me to adapt to the project and how much time I have to put into it. For now though, nothing will ever pass 25$ an hour.

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