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  • PDF Conversion
  • PDF Editing
  • Software Development
  • Visual Basic Net
  • Barcode
  • Crystal Reports
  • Crystal Reports 10.0
  • Digital Signature
  • Email
  • ERP
  • Payroll
  • Pdf
  • Pdf Barcode
  • PDF Design
  • PDF Organization

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  • PDF Editor | Mastering in PDF operations

    $12/hr Starting at $25

    PDF editor and PDF imposing expert all pdf operations like Edit PDF, add, delete organized PDF pages, watermarks, backgrounds, pdf numbering, digital signatures, pdf page joining and splitting, PDF converters,...

    BarcodeOperationsPdf BarcodePDF ConversionPDF Design
  • Digital Signature | PDF Signing

    $8/hr Starting at $25

    DigitalSigner is software that digitally signs PDF documents using X.509 digital certificates. Its also called digital signature software. Using this product you can quickly sign single/multiple PDF files...

    DigitalDigital SignatureEsignPdfPdf Signature
  • Visual Basic | VB6 | | ERP

    $15/hr Starting at $25

    The sharp hands-on experience in ERP software development in visual basic, vb6, I wrote more than 500 small and large software and utilities to simplify tech work. I wrote a PDF signing software...

    BillingCrystal ReportsCrystal Reports 10.0EmailERP


I am committed to providing zero error, fast, efficient and accurate software deliveries.

Sr. Software engineer with more than 16 years of professional experience in software designing, development, and implementations.

I am a Software Engineer, Photographer, and Programmer. I am a simple and honest person that believes in simplicity and became human first with kind-hearted. I have a multi-talented person a God gift.

Work Terms

Communication Methods:
• Email
• Phone (Hindi/English)

I am a now part-time freelancer.

Payment Terms:
Normally we have scheduled the payment terms as below,

If the project budget is over $300, we follow the below 4 payment terms.

• 30% - On the Project Initiation.
• 60% - 90% of work completion.
• 10% - 100% of the work completed.

If the project budget is below $300, we follow the below 2 payment terms.
• 80% - On the Project Initiation.
• 20% - On successful completion of the project.

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