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Punk Code (Jeff DeWitte)

I’ve spent years in the tech industry as an iOS Developer working for companies of all sizes. Now I want to give others the power to create the product of their dreams, on their terms.

TLDR: When it comes to the tech industry, the people need a voice and they need a developer. I’m your guy. Whether you’re brand-new to the tech industry, a seasoned entrepreneur, the head of a dev team, or a fellow developer, this website will have something for you. Come for the content, stay for the discussion, and hire for bringing your app idea to life. Welcome to Punk Code. Let’s cut the crap and make your app!

I’m a senior iOS developer offering 5 years of experience in iOS application development. I’ve started my own company to pursue contract development and consulting, as well as to create my own apps. My goals are to share my personal thoughts and expertise, network and converse with like-minded people in the industry, and efficiently create innovative products that are a joy to use. I started Punk Code because I was dissatisfied with the way in which many established companies tend to needlessly ruin the quality of their own products. As a member of the tech industry, I know we can do better, and I plan to set an example with my personal work.

I believe that the decreasing quality products in our industry is largely due to inefficient or ill-advised processes in the average software company’s departments—business, development, or otherwise. I plan to avoid these pitfalls, and I will do so by using a transparent development and communication process. I want to demystify the technical side of app development for clients so that even someone brand-new to the tech industry can bring their app ideas to life.

Need to get some iOS work done? I can work with anyone or any entity: individual entrepreneurs, startups of any size, and large corporations are all welcome. If you have an app idea but don’t know where to start, I can absolutely help with that too, so don’t be shy!

Founded: 2018

Work Terms

I’m available for part-time and full-time work. Guru requires me to put prices on my profile for services, but all of my prices are based on the nature of each project: my goal is to cater to your needs, and budgeting is part of that. Let’s cut the crap and make an app!