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Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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ricky maicle

Programming and software development has been my passion for more than two decades. I have been involved in the design and development of freight systems in the shipping industry, messaging systems in telecommunications and business software development. I have used C++/C, Java, C#, Powerbuilder professionally in various projects. I have also have been exposed to systems programming back in college using X86 Assembly and have used Pascal and Clipper extensively. I have been doing relational database design and back-end programming for PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and SQLite.

I have been concentrating on C++ since the C++ 2011 standard came out. I am currently using GNU GCC and Clang on the GNU/Linux platform for software development using open source libraries like Boost C++ library. I am also using Boost Test for testing, wxWidgets as a graphical user interface (GUI) library and CMake as build system tool.

I have also been following the developments in the D programming language by Walter Bright since 2006.