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  • Maura 4 · Nov 03, 2021

    Sebastian is very dependable and takes care of things without me even asking. He also knows when to ask for direction. Great guy.

    for Bookkeeping for small company

  • Todd 191 · Oct 30, 2021

    Sebastian is the ultimate pro. Great communication and quality work.

    for Bookkeeping Cleanup and Data Entry

  • Opal 3 · Aug 18, 2021

    As a first time user of Guru and any similar platforms, I didnt know what to quite expect. I had just signed up for Zoho and had never used the system before, and to complicate matters, my business is also new, so there were a lot of first times and lack of knowledge from my side. I had a clear idea what I wanted done (which was setting up the system to match my business process) but communicating this wasn't quite easy. Sebastian showed from very early his clear understanding of the assignment and demonstrated this to me by sending me sample from Zoho. This was very impressive especially as I was in advance communication with others consultants who i was asking to demonstrate their understanding of the assignment but no one had effectively done so. I hadn't requested this of Sebastian but he did so anyhow. He is a bit reserved with communication, then again I would too if English isnt my 1st language, but has a good understanding of what is requested and delivers accordingly. I am very happy with the results of this assignment, and would definitely use Sebastians services for future projects and of course Id highly recommend him.

    for Zoho setup

  • usatinc · Jul 13, 2021

    Very punctual and honest professional. Will recommend without reservation.

    for Data Import into QB & Categorization

  • Ganesh_Rajamanickam · Feb 01, 2021

    Completed the task as agreed on time. Nice quality work.

    for QuickBooks online book-keeping

  • Oren 2 · Jan 06, 2021

    Sebastian is an amazing person and a very qualified bookkeeper. We will continue to work with him for a long term. Thanks!

    for Zoho Books expert

  • usatinc · May 11, 2020

    On Top of the task, asked good questions. Great Job !!

    for Data Import into QB & Categorization

  • Stacey S · Apr 30, 2020

    Sebastian is diligent, works hard, and follows directions the first time. We will definitely hire him again!

    for QB Data Entry & Forensic Accounting

  • Kmeyer1528 · May 23, 2019

    I had a last minute project, and Sebastian worked through the weekend to help me get it done. I sent him my files , a username, a brief explanation, and he completed the work timely and accurately. He also scheduled his availability around my time zone, so communication was easy. I would highly recommend Sebastian for any upper level accounting work, and I have hired him already for additional work!

    for Accounting Assistance Needed- ASAP

  • Robert 907 · Apr 10, 2019

    Sebastian is a very competent Accountant and and great with QuickBooks.

    for Full charge bookkeeper with Quickbooks

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    Would like Sebastian to clone himself. He is so good we would like another associate as competent as he is.