Sharmil McKee

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

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Sharmil McKee

Legal and Market Researcher and Writer

I am a former lawyer with an M.B.A. I research and write for a living. I write contracts, motions, incorporation documents, articles, grant applications, and blog posts. I am a professional ghost-writer.

About you:

You have an idea, but you need data to support your idea. Your hunch tells you that you are correct, but your banker and investors need more than your instincts to fund on your concept. Hire me, and I can find the data to justify the expense.

You noticed two phenomena occurring at the same time. “Freakonomics,” written by Levitt and Dubner (2005), has inspired you. You wonder if these two phenomena are merely correlating events or if one event caused the other. Hire me, and we can tackle this puzzle together.

You have a court hearing scheduled in a week. You need case law to convince the judge that ruling in your favor is the correct action to take. Hire me, and I will find that persuasive case to help you.

You have a blog or website to promote your policy ideas and messages. You know that you should post new material every day, but you are busy and hate writing. Hire me, and I will write new posts that are well-supported and interesting to your audience.

About me:

I enjoy research and writing. I have access to many paid-subscriptions; I can provide insight and information that you cannot find on Google. I am curious by nature, and I am a creative problem-solver. I love to learn new things. Based on Gallup's Strength Finder 2.0, my dominant talent is "Learner." So, I am satisfied with projects that allow me to learn something new. I am available using any method of communication that you find comfortable (Skype, Google Hangout, Facebook Messenger, text m

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I am available every day from 8 am to 8 pm EST.

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