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  • Marc 315 · Jul 08, 2020

    Thank you, TEXTFIXERS! I appreciate and am grateful for the excellent work that Steve always does. Steve is a successful problem solver. He brings a lifetime of experience to the table with him. There is an unmatched level of expertise and savoir-faire that is always evident in his work and in his working relationship with me. His good communication skills ensure a satisfactory result and his confident humility makes it a pleasure to work with him. Thank you Steve and God bless you! I will be back! Five Stars. Highly recommended: Reliable, consistent, friendly, professional, top quality product and service.

    for Fix typo mistakes, make one photo darker

  • Marc 315 · May 10, 2020

    Steve does great work! I appreciate Steve's willingness and determination to find a solution for me. He went the extra mile and came up up with an ingenious solution for printing color pictures to b/w and meet the publisher's standards, as you can read from his email to me: "I just put a new file created to the PDF/X-1a:2001 standard in your Dropbox. That should do the trick. My regular version of Acrobat couldn't do that, so I downloaded a trial version of the Pro, and it worked." I highly recommend TextFixers and Steve. His experience and expertise are highly valuable and he is friendly and helpful to work with. Five Stars+++++ Thank you Steve. I will be back!

    for Photos resolution to 300ppi

  • Marc 315 · Mar 13, 2020

    Steve did an excellent job correctly lining up the headers in my 200 page book. There were 50 or so headers giving me a hard time and causing problems in the text. Steve navigated his way through the pitfalls and returned a text in new working order with all the Headers in right place. Hallelujah! He made it look easy, which it isn't, and finished the work in three days. I will be back with more work I am sure. Dynamite work! Five Stars. Thank you!

    for Fixing Headers on 40 pages/200 page book

  • James 1134 · Jun 27, 2018

    True professional, which was exactly what I required, as I am a Subject Matter Expert, but a real amateur when it comes to the task I needed accomplished. The service was efficient and personalized, and I waked away with a completed project I was proud of. Recommended.

    for Ghostwriter wanted for unique book

  • Karyn 7 · Oct 03, 2017

    Excellent translation services. Best translation of Old Swedish to English. Very easy to work with. Highly recommend.

    for Old Swedish to English translation

  • Karyn 7 · Sep 13, 2017

    Thank you Steve, You all do great work. Much appreciated. Sorry for the delay in payment, Guru told me it was paid awhile ago then I get an email last night saying I needed to pay? All the best, Karyn

    for Translate ltr #5 old swedish to english

  • Charles 255 · Feb 14, 2017

    Was speedy and produced good work.

    for documents re-write

  • Dustin_Burleson · Apr 14, 2014

    One of my favorite Guru experts. Skilled, professional, prompt and reasonable on all levels. Highest recommendation.

    for Book layout - manuscript completed

  • vbenavram · Mar 24, 2014

    Very timely and professional. Steven/TextFixers brought a level of experience and professionalism to the task that made made a difference. The project agreement came very quickly, communication was excellent, and the project was closed out well in advance of the projected finish date.

    for Proofread Executive Resume

  • Dustin_Burleson · Feb 12, 2014

    Prompt and professional. Highly accurate and a pleasure to work with – Thank you!

    for Kindle eBook Formatting

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