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Written Excellence

I'm a writer, editor, and part-time designer. Building from early experience in the field of Media Arts and Animation, and finding that I am very proud to work with a wide range of clients from brand new students to the respectably well-established, I produce material using only software of an industry standard. Included with every job I take on are all of the file versions and formats necessary to maximize your ideas. The same goes for written documents where applicable -- that is, for now, even more true than usual having recently undergone a robbery that has left me temporarily without a Wacom tablet (sorry illustrators!). My graphic expertise covers photo-manipulation and restoration, creative t-shirt and logo designs, brochures, magazine layouts, general typography and signage, as well as classic illustration with writing still acting as my primary source of work, .

I have completed two full-length and copyrighted screenplays for film, gaining membership with the WGA (Writer's Guild of America), and numerous opportunities as a proof-reader/editor on other's projects. While these are still filtering through various contests, and up against a lot of competition on a national level, the experience has proven invaluable for furthering my freelancing goals. Those include continuing features, commercial scripts, and two award winning student films in the local area; but possibilities for more seem endless, the pursuit of which has become the focus of my career. Much of my work has taken place through other venues, of course, though I'm happy to now be branching into Guru's service where a much larger employment base exists, and I'm confident in my ability to match myself against any challenge the future might hold.

Work Terms

As a fairly new user of the upgraded Guru -- and being somewhat absent from the freelance world for a spell -- I will take any fair or competitive price by the most convenient means available, assuming communication is thorough and reasonable. I do prefer the escrow option for the safety and security of both myself and all of my clients, but my paypal account is certainly open for smaller jobs and I am always ready for discussion. I have, unfortunately, received a fraudulent check for a hefty sum in the course of working, so clear planning and electronic payment is a must; and, obviously, the safest bet. While there should be no apparent or immediate reason for disagreement, should one arise, all disputes can and will be resolved with expedient fairness.

I remain open about communication and showing my process, while a client may give free reign or wish to be along every step of the way. I do consider myself a creative thinker far more than a technician, but am trained for a variety of circumstances. Whenever a fresh concept is on the table, there is nothing I enjoy more than a good brainstorming session where new thoughts can be bounced back and forth in open discussion, at the same time I always set out to give the utmost respect and credit to an originator's ideas. I enjoy the process as its own reward.

What I hope to bring to a project will never be a matter of overt changing, taking from, or talking down to a given work, but a sincere wish to help. In the strictest terms my job is to confer years of professional training and personal experience onto whatever piece of writing or art you have, highlight its potential and send it back. This understanding has allowed me to work well with many people who just needed that proverbial extra pair of eyes. English isn't always someone's first language, or maybe, the time simply isn't available. It doesn't matter. Whatever the need, I would be more than happy to figure out a plan with you and do my best to help.