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  • Chris_Komatick · Apr 23, 2020

    Ginny is a very good lawyer she always does what is best for her clients. She does not just rinse and repeat the same old template that she used for other clients. She listens to each client's personal needs and develops a document that is suited for each of her clients. Ginny conducts her research before even providing an answer or incorporating the information into any legal document. I have never been a huge fan of lawyers since many of them never seem to be honest. However, I would highly recommend Ginny for any legal assistance.

    for Business Start-up Legal Assistance

  • KMGi · Aug 11, 2014


    for Government Relations

  • Beth_Egyed · Sep 04, 2012

    Thank you, thank you - job well done. A daunting task done thoroughly and efficiently. I will definitely use your services again!

    for New Website Terms

  • Chris_Komatick · Nov 06, 2011

    Ginny is the best lawyer that anyone could ask... She goes above and beyond the call of duty. Our company asks for challenging tasks and she is able to tackle each task week in and week out. In addition, you do not have to wait for days to hear a response back it is a matter of hours.

    for Dream Bidz set-up

  • Chris_Komatick · Oct 24, 2011

    Ginny is a delight to work with and will continue to work with her for my business needs. If you want someone who is done to earth and honest with you she is the right lawyer for the job.

    for Dream Bidz set-up

  • jett_dueitt · Aug 09, 2011

    Virginia is very dedicated to her work and takes pride in researching/protecting her potential clients. Her prices are fair and her timliness is the biggest advantage to using her. She has an in depth background and would recommend using her to anyone seeking inquiries on legalities or to research a topic.

    for Internet startup in need of assistance!

  • Jonathan_Denn · Jul 10, 2011

    Virginia did a great job, going above and beyond what was necessary to complete the project. I look forward to working with her again. It was a pleasure.

    for aGREATER.US [terms & conditions]

  • projects for pros · Feb 20, 2011

    Ms. Towler is a dedicated professional who will work hard to get the answers required, and no doubt, takes great pride in delivering value to her clients.

    for Election law specialist

  • SMASHMAKER · Nov 23, 2010

    Ms. Towler is worth way more than she charges. She is very through on research, and specializes in CYA.

    for National Vending UpStart / Legal Tuneup

  • Donald_Kelley2 · Dec 10, 2009

    Once again, Ginny has been a pleasure to work with. She was willing to work within our budget and delivered value immediately by highlighting potential "gotchas" in our partner agreement. We will work with her gain.

    for Document Review: MOU

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