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  • Film Production
  • Educational Consulting
  • Essay Writing
  • Film Analysis
  • Film Criticism
  • Philosophy
  • Tutoring
  • Analysis
  • Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Book Writing
  • Business Ethics
  • Comedy
  • Editing
  • English Language

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  • Essay Writing and/or Editing

    $14/hr Starting at $30

    I offer written skills on a number of topics that can be the subject of an academic essay, whether it be creative non-fiction or formal non-fiction. My main areas of interest, in terms of essays, are...

    AnalyticsBook WritingEditingEducational ConsultingEnglish Language
  • Philosophical Essayist

    $14/hr Starting at $30

    I produce academic essays on relevant philosophical issues such as consciousness, artificial intelligence, the existence of a god, medical ethics, business ethics, politics, comedy, war and more. I am...

    Artificial IntelligenceBusiness EthicsComedyEducational ConsultingEssay Writing
  • Film Analyst

    $10/hr Starting at $30

    I provide a scholarly but entertaining insight into any type of film, whether popular or little known.

    AnalysisFilmFilm AnalysisFilm CriticismFilm Production
  • Film Reviewer

    $14/hr Starting at $50

    I review both popular and lesser known films in an attempt to connect casual movie-goers and film scholars, and allow both groups an insight into what I think makes a good film. I base my reviews off...

    EntertainmentFilm AnalysisFilm CriticismFilm ProductionReviews