Costs to Use

    There is no cost to use as a freelancer. However, there are a few areas where payment would be required.

    • Job fee:5%-9% will be taken out of any payment you receive when completing a job.  The fee varies based on your membership level:
    Basic Basic+ Professional Business Executive
    9% 9% 7% 6% 5%
    • Memberships:Having a yearly or monthly membership comes with several advantages, including a lower job fee at certain levels.
    • ID Verification: There is a $4.95 charge when submitting your information for us to review. If we request that you complete our ID Verification, this charge is waved.
    • Bids:We give each member 10 free bids a month.  However, if you find you need more for any reason, additional bids can be purchased from within your account:
    20 Bids 40 Bids 60 Bids 125 Bids 250 Bids
    $10 $20 $30 $50 $100


    NOTE: Purchased bids do not expire.

    • Transfer Method Fees:Depending on the transfer method you use when transferring funds paid to you, there may be a transfer fee. This fee is taken from the payment you’ve received.
    • Skill Tests: Skill tests are an optional part of your profile that helps display your expertise in certain areas.  Skill tests cost $4.95 per test for basic members and $2.95 for Basic +.  They are free for all other paid memberships

    NOTE: Skill test and memberships are non-refundable.