Understanding Quote Terms

    The terms you send in your quote tell our system how to bill your employer. It also sets the scope and establishes timelines. It’s the key to beginning a job successfully.

    Choosing the type of quote:

    Fixed-Priced Agreement
    (completed milestones)
    Hourly Agreement
    (weekly time tracked)
    (estimate quote) 
    You set up milestones. Each milestone has a value and a due date. You bill for a milestone once it’s finished. You set up max hours per week, an hourly rate and a billing end date. The system sends the employer an invoice every Monday based on the time you have tracked the prior week. You’re not yet sure what the entire scope is and wish to add a placeholder quote until you get more details.


    Establishing the “Scope of Work”:

    The scope of work can be added here. This should explain in as much detail as you’d like the requirements of this job. You can click the “Attach Files” button to attach images and documents.