Taking Skill Tests

    Skill tests are available on our site from expertrating.com to showcase your knowledge in key areas.

    Skill test cost per membership level:

    Basic Basic+ Professional Business Executive
    per test
    per test
    Free Free Free


    Taking skill tests:

    1.  Click “Skill Tests” under “Your Profile” from the dashboard.
    2. Select “Choose Skill Test” on the Skill Test Center Page.
    3. Select a test group from the dropdown.
    4. Add as many to your cart as you like.
    5. Click “Purchase” when you’ve made your selection to complete the process.
    6. On the Skill test center page you can “Take Test” on anything you’ve purchased.
    7. When you’ve passed a test (60% and greater) you will see an option to “Publish” on the Skill Test Center page.