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Bluebeam Revu - Professional Required

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Rendo specialises in acrylic and cement rendered finishes, foam cladding, cement sheet & metal cladding on the exterior of multi-storey buildings however we do service a few smaller residential developments. We are seeking professionals with experience in BlueBeam Revu and we require all take-offs done in this software. Excellent English skills and attention to detail are essential.

This initial project is a test to check your abilities. This is just a small residential development. Our usual projects are multi-storey townhouses and apartments on a larger scale. We expect this test to take 1.5 hours as there are not many walls being rendered or clad, so we're capping the project time limit at 4 hours to allow you to learn and get Bluebeam Revu set up etc. If you cannot complete this within 4 hours, then unfortunately you have failed the test and we cannot hire you for future work.

What we will provide you with:
* PDF plans (a single, multi-page file)
* Calculations Sheet showing the Schedule of Wall Types including Substrate & if applicable - Render/Cladding Colour and Colour Code for Wall Types we want you to do Take-Offs for. At this stage we will fill this in for you and only list the wall types we need take-offs for.

We will require you to:
* Mark Up walls in Bluebeam on the PLAN views, entering correct wall heights from the elevation pages (based on the required wall types) and using our subject and label structure as above
* Mark up HALF of openings (e.g. windows and doors) which are bigger than 4m2 in total size (e.g. when half of the opening area is more than 2m2) as these areas are deducted from the total wall area. Ignore smaller windows and doors measuring less than 4m2
* Mark up any soffits, parapets, lobby areas if advised to do so, or if it would appear these also should be rendered or clad. Itemise separately.
* Enter m2 areas into our Take-offs spreadsheet

Rendo Rules To Follow:
1) All wall calculations should be taken from the plans as a Polylength measurement with a DEPTH entered as the height and NOT from the elevations as an area length measurement. The only exception to this would be for plans showing an unusually square building, where the render/cladding areas are not uniform heights. If the latter situation occurs, you may do the wall take-offs from the Elevation view and let us know that these plans had to be done this way.
2) Windows or Doors which are smaller than 4m3 are NOT deducted from our wall area calculations. This allows for the extra rendering/cladding which needs to be wrapped inside the window recess and it allows for the additional cost of fiddly window or door-recess work.
3) Take-Offs for Windows or Door apertures which are larger than 4m3 will require you to measure only HALF of the window/door area, by measuring the window/door as a triangle with only three control points. Windows and doors are to be half-highlighted on the elevation/window sheet in the same colour as the cladding/rendering take-off colour.

Blue-Beam Revu Formatting / Defaults
For Windows/Doors:
* Area Measurement from Elev
* Line Colour = Same as Wall
* Line Opacity = 100%
* Fill Colour = Same as Wall @ 30% Fill Opacity
* Subject = "Floor Window - Substrate WallType Colour " e.g. "L1 Window - Render WT05 Grey"
* Label = "Direction Deduction Substrate Colour" where "direction" is North Side(N), East (E), South (S) or West of the building (W) e.g. "S Deduction from Render"

For Cladding or Rendering (Substrates) on Walls
* Polylength Measurement (unless exceptional circumstances, refer Rendo Rules 1 above)
* Line Colour = As specified in the Wall Types Schedule we will send you
* Line Opacity = 60%
* Line Weight = 5.00 pt
* Subject = "Floor - Finish Substrate WallType Colour " (only use Colour if multiple colours) e.g. "L1 Render WT05 Grey" or "GF - Loxo WT13"
* Label = "Direction Substrate Colour" e.g. "N Render Grey"

Non-Wall Areas - E.g. Soffits, Parapets, Stairwells, a Lobby etc
Rules: Stairs are not measured by Level, we just measure the stairwell as one block
* Either Polylength or Area Measurement as applicable (usually Area Length using same Line/Opacity Specs above)
* Subject = "Level - AreaName Substrate Colour" e.g. L1 Soffits Render Red
* Label = "Direction (if applicable) Colour Finish Type AreaName " e.g. "SW - Render Soffit" or "Yellow Render Stairwell"

* Each page of plans to be calibrated individually
* Precision = 0.001

Please note - we never require take-offs for Face Brick walls (unless Render is specified as the finish) and we don't paint internal walls. We also won't do any roofing elements. Only do take-offs for Rendered External Walls (Rendered Internal Faces of Balconies, Planters, Parapet Walls (Ensure to do take-offs for both sides of these), External Metal Cladding, FC (Fibre Cement) Sheet, Foam Board, Aerated Concrete Panels and Cement Sheet. ... Show more
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