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Finding A Crew To Build A Manga

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Hi !

I’m currently studying, but once I get my degree I plan on starting my foundation idea of a manga.
Anyone who read/seen Bakuman, has seen the two main characters at work, one writing stories&the other drawing them.
That’s mainly the sort of relationship I’m looking for with someone I’d hire. To keep them on a long term because I’d aim to serialize this manga and make it quite long.

My aim is also on an international scale. I’m from Belgium Europe, but started to learn Japanese (not that long ago so by next year I’ll have improved and so one to work with Japanese brands etc).

My point is to serialize the manga in Japan, in original textual form (Japanese) and have translations for Europe (French, English, Dutch, Spanish) and the US . Make it directly accessible in many countries . (Well that probably is - and what I do not know yet - to see with the serialization offices etc)
There’s a lot of official documentation I need to look up, how it works, when can you serialize it, etc.

For now I’m only looking for someone that has the will&skill (not being proud, I know I’m a nobody but everyone starts somewhere and talent would be appreciated and will be valued highly) to jump in the unknown that is already sketched out, the plan is coming slowly (trusting God & the process) .

If I can build an already relationship with someone and explain my ideas maybe we will have the opportunity to be able to discuss ideas and development .
Ideas of drawings : Banana Fish, 91 Days, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, Jujutsu Kaisen

the manga will take place across the world but start in Belgium. So I will share the knowledge of the country with the person.

Now short about myself : Edo (21 in a month 22) will be my name as writer tho it’s also a family name (non- Japanese related) . I’m not an expert but I watch animes and read mangas since I’m 6, in overall I can tell where and why an anime failed or has it success, whether its the hype of its name, details and such I can recognize easy patterns from similar animes that I can avoid to reproduce.
My point is to bring an aspect to the project we would release that would be pleasurable to any kinds of reader and maybe later on watcher (audience) I kinda have multiple strategies, the only point where I truly lack is the drawing 😅 .  Bringing a hybrid genre but with flourishing ideas.

I hope to be able to then make this work, and maybe even get someone to become known in the manga world as an artist ! (if he’s not already)

My Goal : it will be kinda a shounen/seinen and will have psychology&science, more  will be involved. I wanna reach people, young, young adults and adults throughout this manga and give God glory. I think when the person will read the manga or hear a summary of the story they will be touched or feel related, main characters will be relatable to many and the secondary as well. Every character will be a reflection of someone we know or we represent in society. Showing mistakes of humans and how some could’ve been or could be prevented. Bringing hope to the hopeless. Tell someone out there that it’s never too late.
Personally I don’t do this for the money, it will not be easy but I’ll have my studies aside and work that will truly provide to this and my own life. If I ever get paid from this project, its to pay the people who worked with me, the materials for future plans, and whatsoever that I cant yet foresee (I don’t know the future and need to make more research).
In the begin of course, which is in months from now, everything will be funded from my pocket and if the relationship with a partner works out well and he’s willing to believe in the project maybe they’ll help too (sounds unprofessional aha?) either way I’ll be funding its very start so I’ll think of how much of a budget I’ll need by making my researches on the side and if anyone is willing to contact me my mail should be in here or via this page !

PS : I’D LIKE TO MAKE IT KNOWN. I am not taking any of this lightly, yes a lot abandon quickly, yes a lot are too dreamy and don’t focus on reality, yes it will demand much more effort than I can imagine right now . But this won’t discourage me when people like Tite Kubo was sick and kept working on Bleach and even brought out Burn The Witch this year and many other artists that just keep pushing and some even juggling with different projects, some are aspiring doctors do creating one shots and I admire the hard work its something amazing . I know very well what I’m getting into and how much energy it will ask (more or less) but this shouldn’t be a reason of being discouraged. If the artists give up, how can the art resonate hope to the audience ? Therefore let’s not be pessimistic right off the top but see where this can lead !

Also I've attached few examples of what I'm looking for :D A lot of people are talented but sadly not what I look for :/ Thank you though !
Glad to work with you wherever you’re from !

Kind regards,
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M. E Belgium