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PCB Design

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Engineering & Architecture Engineering (Mechanical / Chemical / Civil / Electrical)

Please ensure that you fully read the requirements.  Any reply that sounds like its auto generated or a canned response will be discarded.  Please provide a rough cost estimate.  I know what the end game is, I just dont know how to get there.   

Also anyone replying with 0 feedback or any feedback not related to this job will not be eligible.

Functional Requirements

  1. Microcontroller/System-on-Chip (SoC):

    • Select a suitable microcontroller or SoC that supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LVDS output for the LCD display.
    • Ensure it can read voltage inputs to detect blinker status (L/R), high beams, and fuel level (resistance).
  2. Security:

    • Implement a piracy protection mechanism to ensure the firmware only runs on the designated PCB.
  3. CAN Bus:

    • Include CAN transceiver circuitry for reading and parsing CAN bus data.
  4. Power Supply:

    • Support a 12V DC power input with appropriate voltage regulation for the microcontroller/SoC and other components.
    • Include ground, CAN low, and CAN high connections.
  5. Display Interface:

    • Provide an LVDS interface for connecting an LVDS LCD display.
    • Ensure the PCB can boot quickly into the operating system.
  6. GPS Module:

    • Integrate a 10Hz GPS module to provide real-time location data.
    • Include a provision for connecting an external GPS antenna.
  7. Software Updates:

    • Support software updates via microSD card.
    • Implement a security check to ensure the software only runs on the designated new PCB.

Non-Functional Requirements

  1. Performance:

    • Ensure quick boot-up time.
    • Minimize latency in processing inputs and CAN bus data.
  2. Reliability:

    • Ensure the PCB design is robust and reliable for automotive environments.
    • Include necessary protection against voltage spikes and electrical noise.

Design Constraints

  1. Size and Form Factor:

    • Specify any size constraints or mounting requirements for the PCB in the vehicle dashboard.
  2. Connectors and Pinout:

    • Detail the connectors and pinout for interfacing with the LVDS LCD, CAN bus, power input, GPS module, external GPS antenna, and other signals.
    • Ensure easy access for programming and debugging.
  3. Environmental Considerations:

    • Design for operation under typical automotive environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, vibration).

Documentation and Support

  1. Schematics and Layout:

    • Provide detailed schematics and PCB layout files/Gerber files
    • Include a bill of materials (BOM) with part numbers and specifications.
    • Include Parts list
    • Must be uploadable to JLCPCB and all parts in the BOM/Parts picker valid
  2. Testing and Validation:

    • Ensure that comprehensive testing is conducted to verify all components and connections.
  3. Screen Recommendation:

    • Recommend a bright 12.3-inch screen that can interface with the PCB.
    • Supply part numbers for both the screen and the touch screen.

More thoughts:

Android is an option but what I need is the ability to have a hibernate mode if accessory power is removed that way when accessory power is added, the system comes back from hibernate mode.  Booting up android takes 15 seconds or so and I need a quicker solution but a good one would be hibernate mode when accessory power is removed.

So the solution doesnt need to be a custom PCB.  It can also be off the shelf Android motherboard and a 12.3" LVDS bar type display as long as its possible to put into a hibernate type mode.

Requirements may change as initial collaboration will need to occur before finalizing on a solution.

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