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The Brussels Paper

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My research on humanity has led me to create a system which supports an ideal global lifestyle for us and generations to come. I call it the Heart to Heart (H2H) business model, designed to shape the world for the better. It focuses on spreading love, providing long-lasting solutions, and propelling humanity for a prosperous future. I strongly believe that addressing global challenges begins with our hearts, as it is the head’s best partner.

The Brussels Paper is

•    A Business Plan to Recover Global Economy by advancing the Human Nature – This paper is also a call for to the world to reinvent capitalism by giving it another purpose.

•    Humanity has long allowed their Heads to decouple with its Hearts – For centuries wars and conflicts are fought. It is time to start another pandemic of care-and-love among all our human relatives.


  • The world today is too busy praising the development of science and technology, exploring the universe and researching on the atom of everything, it has forgotten to address the essence of humanity. 
  • Richest 1% owns half of the world's wealth and 80% of world population lives on less than $10 a day. 
  • Further, 2% are homeless and the conflict between people is increasing on the name of religion, nation, race, political opinion and God knows what else. 
  • We start with Agri-food commodity. Why? Because food, similar to Air and Water, are bounty of nature. A Gift from God intended to all humans. Yet, countless people are under nourished. It is about time we should respect the intention of the divince Creator of our universe. 
  • Deriving from the Right to Live, the Right to Food guarantees every human being to be 

    free from hunger. In essence, the Right to Food entitles people to a very basic right, 

    namely to dispose of the means to feed themselves in dignity. Yet, this right is being violated million times on a daily basis throughout the world. Human rights are not only 

    moral guidelines; they represent legal obligations that have to be respected throughout 

    national and international policy formulation. 

  • It's critical to remember that Human wisdom doesn't change and improves societies - but human hearts can.
  • Cartels and Mega transnational agricultural commodity players must not sanction the poor living in poverty. They should partner with me. While they are are unapproachable by a 'John' - like me - I stand ready to hear from them.
  • A great majority of workers in agriculture receive pay so low that they have little buying power. Consequently, they suffer from a ‘muted voice’ on countless societal aspects.  This picture will continue - and worsen – without a viable global solution.


Poor People does not need another Charity or Non-profit to keep them addicted to hand-outs.. What they need is a viable action plan to deliver to them economic opportunities and bargaining power with the powerful. 

H2H is a new dream – daring the world to put it to the test - Global Size Food Giants of The World Must Serve as Sponsors for This Worthwhile Endeavor.

Celebrities and People of Influence are crucial factors of success - I hope to hear from them.

Common folks should reach out to the hearts of others on their social media.

The idea is to foster a New Business Model: H2H (heart-to-heart) by

Create a pandemic of caring, 

Reinvent the world using participatory Economy based on the sharing of wealth, trust and dialogue,

My desire is to infect the world with love, starting with Agri-food Commodities - another pandemic. 

There is enough wealth in the world to see poverty being eradicated from humanity.

A Task Force of youths will promote the idea of cooperation, innovation engagement and tolerance as a way to thrive,

Public campaigns, school activities, and social media can be used to communicate and create an atmosphere of comprehension, working hand in hand for a better world and above all, attaining a Universal Income for everyone.

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