Columbus, Ohio, United States

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** Science and Medical Marketing **

We specialize in writing, graphic/web design, social media marketing and business and marketing consulting services for life science and medical organizations. We cater to conservation organizations, colleges and universities, scientific and research organizations, zoos and museums, government agencies, conservatories and arboretums, NGOs, parks and gardens, wildlife rehabilitators, animal rescues, as well as health organizations, wellness companies, medical institutions, private practices, doctors, dentists, vets and others.

As advocates for greener and healthier living, environmental education, science and technology and the welfare of animals, we understand the importance of doing more than just providing pretty pictures or writings. Making a difference involves educating and engaging the public, as well as spreading awareness. As biologists, conservationists and entrepreneurs, that's where we can help you tell your story so your voice (and those you represent) is heard.

As a 5-star, full service marketing agency with graduate level education and over 15 years experience, we treat (Tx) the following common head-banging problems:

amarketiasis [a-mahr-kit-i-uh-sis]
A nonsensical condition characterized by a lack of effective marketing and advertising online and off.
Tx ——–> business and integrated marketing consulting services

mobiphobia [mo-buh-foh-be-uh]
Irrational avoidance of marketing to cell phone users.
Tx———> mobile marketing services

internesia [in-tur-nee-zhuh]
Psychosis characterized by a nonexistent or insufficient online presence.
Tx ——–> web design, hosting and domain services

sociophrenia [soh-see-o-freen-yuh]
A condition characterized by significant social dysfunction characterized by a failure to join the social media bandwagon.
Tx ——–> social media services

identity crisis [i-dee krahy-sis]
A state of confusion that is typicall

$100 / Hour
$50 minimum budget