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3D Rigging Maya, Unreal Engine or Unity

Services: 3D Rigging for Maya, Unreal Engine or Unity

Rig Description:
- Simple and easy to use controller
- Biped, Quadruped, Bird, Bug, Dragon, Dinosaur, Vehicles and anything you want can be rigged
- Props Rigging (message me to get custom offer for this)
- IK\FK (Arm, Leg and Spine)
- Bend Control
- Fingers Global (with Cup and Spread)
- Foot Attributes (Foot roll, Heel roll, Toe Roll, Swivel and Rock)
- Blendshape/Joint based Face Rig (Eyebrows, Eyes, Nose, Cheek, Mouth and Lips) with both manual and attribute controls
- Stretchy Rig
- Motion capture compatible
- Easy to export animation for use in any Game Engine (like Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4)
- Rig Test Video (on demand only)

Skills & Expertise

Autodesk MayaBlenderMayaRiggingUnityUnity 3DUnreal EngineVirtual Reality (VR)

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