Ahmad Hakim

Beirut, Beyrouth, Lebanon

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Academic Writing/ Research Papers

Academic Writing: Articles are unique and key-point centered. After writing hundreds of academic papers, I am able to succinctly extract the necessary information, compile, and create an article of high quality.

Research: This skill I personally find most helpful; not just for my clients, but for myself personally. Most decisions I make, i.e. financial, academic, are based on research. Research is an important skill to have because it gives you an advantage over the rest. It's hard, and their is no substitute for quality research. Providing such a skill helps both my clients and myself.

Overall Scientific Literacy: This is the basic goal I try to uphold when I take on a project. How do I illustrate a scientific concept so that everyone can understand it? How do I elucidate deeply rooted scientific concepts in a way that can be understood by everyone, while still maintaining the essence of the concept? These questions, and others similar, are what I ask myself when engaged in a project of the sort. It not only makes me a better writer, it also makes the reader appreciate the content.

Throughout my academic and professional experiences, I have learned to become responsible, self-motivated, decision maker, and punctual in my schedule. My clients satisfaction are a reflection of my aptitude in my career, and nothing short of the highest quality work would be acceptable. During my studies, I have gained skills in scientific writing and research methods, along with the ability to evaluate, think critically, and analyze data.

I hope to use these skills to help my clients progress in their respective academic and professional areas and to ensure a thriving environment for academics and scientific progression.

$12 / Hour
$25 minimum budget