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AI projects

Based on some mathematical principles and algorithms with DLNN-AI, it is applied to estimation based on actual statistical data to rank MOT level by company and R & D ability level by country.
The input data is the actual measurement statistical data and the output is displayed in figures or tables based on the results of the multivariate analysis.
In addition, rather than merely providing a comprehensive level or ranking, it extracts the major ingredients that have the greatest effect based on actual data (statistical data) of many evaluation indicators, analyzes the degree of influence, It allows you to intuitively display the current position of your company, such as the number or scale, and to predict changes in your company's position as you move forward with any indicator level.
And it can be applied variously according to region, gender, age, and period by customer demand analysis, popularity analysis.
The ultimate goal of this project is to combine the AI industry with the AI industry.
However, even if the size of the data at the initial stage is not big, it may initially be initiated from a small application based on actual data.

$60 / Hour
$0 minimum budget