Rich Peaua

Lehi, Utah, United States

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All-purpose Conversion Copywriter

I am new here to Upwork but I am not a newbie to selling through the art of the spoken and written word. I have 3 years experience in Sales and freelance Social Media Marketing/eCommerce. I also have 4 years experience in the IT field.

Successful copywriting is about achieving, in my opinion, ONE goal: Conversion

Conversion of what you might ask?... well, conversion of THE MULTITUDES of the just-browsing-around-the-internet into loyal and frequent CUSTOMERS, of course!

Why me? Becuase I speak the language of conversion, which is just a fancy way of saying I know how to do 6 things very well:

1) Thoroughly and profoundly research your target audience...
2) Capture and direct their attention using winning, tested Headlines...
3) Stir their emotions by addressing and relating to the pains and problems they are experiencing...
4) Provide quality, trust building and highly valuable educational content of general solutions to above pains and problems...
5) strategically introduce them to and successfully convince them WHY your Product/Service is THE BEST solution and finally...
6) Getting them to TAKE ACTION!! (Buy, Subscribe, Contact Us, Free Trial, etc...)

I apply this winning, high converting formula to:
- Email Marketing Campaigns
- Written and Video Sales Letters/ Scripts
- Landing Pages
- Social Media Ads
- Press Releases
And virtually EVERY format you need selling copy for!

Due to my Experience in IT, I have veteran knowledge of tech and am skilled in the translation of "Techanese" for average consumer and non-tech business audiences.

I am by no means a master, nor even an expert in copywriting... YET... but I do the things I do very well and I am committed to providing YOU the best service possible for your ultimate success.

$25 / Hour
$25 minimum budget