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Amazon MWS API Consultant/Developer

I am expert in developing software tools using Amazon MWS API for Amazon Professional Sellers. I have already developed many software tools using Amazon MWS API which are used by many eCommerce houses to increase their profit on Amazon Marketplace.

I have developed below software tools for Amazon Sellers:
A. Bulk Amazon Product Scrapper:
To pull all data of amazon products based on identifiers(ASIN, UPC, EAN, ISBN) like
ASIN, UPC, EAN, ISBN, Sales Rank, Buy Box, Product Title, Product Page Link, No# of Reviews, Average Review Rating, Profit, ROI, Is Sold By Amazon, Shipping Cost, Buy Box Landed, Amazon Referral Fee, Product Group, Variable Closing, Order Handling Fee,Pick and Pack Fee,Weight Handling Fee, Storage Fee,Cost Sub Total, Marginal Impact, Inbound Shipping,Package Weight, Total Offers, Product Description,Keepa and CamelCC hyperlinks for Price History charts of products.
And many more..... Around 200 columns.

B. Bulk product price comparison between all Amazon marketplaces:
Used for compare the products price in bulk for Amazon marketplaces with exchange rate plus in price.

C. Amazon Reporting Tool:
It have below main features:

1. Dashboard:
it show profit, loss and sales data of product in graphical format for analysis purpose.

2. Profit Report:
Profit report show details information of profit like : Product, unit, purchasing cost, additional cost, Ads cost, In hand cost, Tax cost, Discount, Amazon Fee, Selling cost, profit per unit, Total Unit.
Report generate in selected date range

3. All Order Report:
All Order Report show details of all orders: It display below data in report in date range
Order ID, Buyer Name, Total, Order Status. Purchase Date.

4. Reconcile Report:
It generate the below data in date range
Product, Units, Reason, Date

5. Transaction Reports:
Transaction reports show all transaction detail of product in date range
Settlement Date, SKU, Order ID, Contact Name, Type, Quantity, Payout, Gross Revenue

6. Advertisement Report:
Advertisement report generate below data of products in selected date range
Image, Product Title, SKU, ASIN, Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Spend, Avg. CPC

D. FBA Shipping Management System:
Main Features of software:
1. Inventory Loader
2. Update price/Quantity
3. Automatically Reports (Hourly and Daily) download without login to
4. Download packaging slips for shipping items.
5. Download orders to supplier Email ID
6. Generate Reconcile/missing shipping reports.
7. Track the shipping status by:
1.Date Range ( Last 1 Days , 3 Days,180 Days)
2.Shipping Status: ( All, Working, In transit, At the fulfilment centre, Closed, Deleted/Cancelled)
8. Create shipment plan: Standard, Hazzamat, Oversize, and Labelling.
9. Download or print labels for each item directly.
10. Shipping fee estimates.
11. Multiple shipments are tied to their original purchase order for tracking.

I am open to discuss any solutions relating to Amazon Professional Seller Software Tools.

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