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Automated Translation of Websites/Blogs

Make your blog or website automatically translated to over 90 languages available with the Yandex Translate.

Yandex.Translate widget for websites/blogs

The Yandex.Translate widget is a simple and convenient way to translate sites;

Yandex Translate API

The Yandex.Translate API is a universal text translation tool that uses machine translation technology developed at Yandex. It allows developers to integrate machine translation into their applications, services, and sites.


Yandex.Translate API pricing is based on the number of characters in the Requests:
Number of characters in the requests for calendar month Rate (in US dollars per 1 million characters)
less 50 000 000 $15(USD)
from 50 000 001 to 100 000 000 $12(USD)
from 100 000 001 to 200 000 000 $10(USD)
from 200 000 001 to 500 000 000 $8(USD)
from 500 000 001 to 1 000 000 000 $6(USD)

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API DevelopmentApplication DevelopmentBlogBlog WritingMachine TranslationSoftware DevelopmentTooling DesignTranslationWeb DesignWidgetYandex

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