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Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge extension/addon expert.
I have developed & contributed to more than 20 B2B and commercial browser extensions with 100% success rate in domains as varied as lead sourcing, reputation management, cashback programs, process automation, browser security etc ... All intend to improve productivity, consolidate data and bring added-value to users. I develop Firefox/Chrome/Safari extensions and am interested to get into the world of Edge extensions.

Some examples of extensions:
- Splikity (public chrome extension & Firefox): centralized password management solution multi-branded as infoarmor/cyberscout/idshield versions.
- marketplace product search(public chrome extension): allow users to have all of the marketplaces in one spot to serach, one click and search in the desired marketplace easily.
- Coinback (public chrome extension):allow users to activate cashback from supported merchant sites in coins rather than dollars.
- TellmeUpwork (public chrome extension): allows freelancers to get email alerts when new interesting jobs are posted on upwork.
- Email tracking (private chrome extension): attach links on-demand to the body of emails in gmail and reports attachment from all users to a centralized google spreadsheet.
- Avocadoo (public on chrome&AMO stores): did contribute to the project by getting rid of the CrossRider environment initially used, moving to native APIs.
- The Social Lead Machine (public on chrome&AMO stores): information scraping and profile search automation.
- Offen (public on AMO store): a yellow pages german backend-based extension presenting
shopping information based on geolocation time of the day & keywords.
- Karma Clipper (public on chrome store): an addon to extract information from social websites to a cloud based CRM.
- Masterkey (public on chrome store) : automatic login and user review response for reputation management.
- SpeedCRM (private Firefox extension) is a greasemonkey type of extension which tailors CRM cloud service to specific organization requirement and boosts user-productivity. It intervenes after each loading of CRM page, adding new buttons & functionalities, hiding non-essential informational etc ...

My extension development aspects:
- cross-browser implementations
- standard frameworks (REACT, jquery, materialize, bootstrap, inbox sdk etc ...)
- Databases: mySQL and Firebase/Firestone.
- automated build environment for multi-version/multi branding / cross-browser production. (*)
- optimal DOM inspection & instrumentation techniques
- APIS: worked with in-house APIS as well as 3rd party APIs such as Google mail, google spreasheet, Zoho, Bullhorn ...
- localization
- advanced javascript coding (ES6)
- automated non-regression testing (*)
- analytics for fix&feature development prioritization
- devtools addons
based on state-of-art Nodejs frameworks

Skills & Expertise

Chrome Web BrowserData ManagementExtension DevelopmentExtensionsFirefoxJavaScriptMySQLNode.jsProgramming

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