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Copyediting/Proofreading, Health Care

Copyediting/proofreading and writing in health care is one of my specialties. Within the last 12 years, I’ve worked on textbooks, physician guides, continuing medical education materials, posters, and peer-reviewed articles for medical professionals, and informational and educational materials for patients. And I've written patient education materials for books, ebooks, providers' brochures and websites, and encyclopedias. I also work with professionals in general education.

My services include …
• Providing developmental editing to make sure of consistent organization, structure, and editorial design, including basic formatting, creating the table of contents, and developing headings and subheadings, if needed
• Performing thorough deep line edits to check spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage (no medical jargon for patient education materials)
• Double-checking facts where needed (drug brand names vs. generic names, dates, etc.)
• Reviewing all in-text citations and references (for peer-reviewed articles)
• Incorporating any minor revisions you make following the initial editing at no extra cost (The job's not over until you are satisfied.)
• Overall editorial advice and guidance, if needed

Among the editing tools I use are AMA Manual of Style, 10th edition; Stedman's Medical/Pharmaceutical Spellchecker, custom dictionary software; and Merriam-Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary.

I have a BA in linguistics from the University of Minnesota. In addition, I have completed the following continuing education courses through the American Medical Writers Association:
• Basic Grammar and Usage for Biomedical Communicators
• Writing and Designing Materials for Patient Education
• Basic Anatomy and Physiology
• Plain-Language Usage
• Proofreading

I am a member of the National Council of Teachers of English, the Oregon Council of Teachers of English, and the Editorial Fre

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12 Reviews for This Service

  • Cando711 says,

    Excellent work! Highly recommend Wendell!

    for Edit 6 DIY Tax Relief Books on Apr 13, 2015

  • Christine 28 says,

    I highly recommend Wendell. His editing was insightful, accurate, and creative. He took the time to understand our needs, and made the manuscript better without changing its integrity. He was very pleasant to work with, gave helpful progress reports, and delivered the work on time at a very reasonable price. He was very pleasant to work with, and I'm looking forward to our next project.

    for Copy Editing on Mar 02, 2015

  • Klurtz says,

    Excellent service. Amazing turn around time. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would certainly use this freelancer again.

    for Marketing on Nov 12, 2012

  • andersene says,

    Working with Wendell is like working with an old friend who has the skills you lack. In other words, it's a joy.

    for Dragon on Mar 24, 2012

  • The Entrepreneur Cafe LLC says,

    Mr. Anderson brought a lot of great insight and experience to The Entrepreneur Cafe, LLC's first book project. His work style made changes in the manuscript easy to follow and understand. He also provided great suggestions as to how to make the project better. Mr. Anderson completed the project ahead of schedule and was a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with him again.

    for Promotional Book Editing on Mar 22, 2012

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