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Fair Oaks, California, United States

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A radical shift has taken place over the last few decades. Information has never been more accessible. Reaching millions of people has never been so easy and inexpensive. However, real communication has never been less effective. We rely on the written word more than we ever have before. Email and text messaging have largely replaced telephone calls in our business and social lives. At the same time, according to a 2006 study by business research organizations, the writing skills of high school, junior college, and even college grads are deficient. A full third of employees in the United States are unable to meet the writing requirements of their jobs. Is it any surprise that we have a mis-communication epidemic? Words are the most powerful force in the universe. In the hands of an egocentric maniac, words create the holocaust. In the hands of an eloquent visionary, words spark a flame in the hearts of the British. In the hands of a passionate dreamer, words birth a new era

$50 / Hour
$100 minimum budget