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Academic Style vs Creative Style Writings

Academic Style:
Writing workshops are formed on the basis that a community who shares their writing with one another will help a writer's cognitive pathways mature. Writing workshops meet a social exigence. The exigence that they meet is one of social recognition, as well as social communication. People of like minds meet, share stories and poetry, and in turn, strengthen their writing. Most workshop members give and receive feedback that is based on the axiom, "You don't have to change everything based off of other's feedback." However, some writers who attend workshops find that they receive little to no feedback and attribute the lack of quality observations on their fellow workshoppers. Furthermoreover, they form a mental model of all workshops based upon the one that they have attended in the past—a model that assumes all workshops are full of individuals who are part of a certain crowd and ignore anyone who is not part of their ethnos. First time workshoppers assume that it is the fault of the "clique" that they received little to no feedback, though, they fail to hold themselves responsible for the outcomes of their attendance.

Attendance does not only require a warm body sitting in a hard chair, but it also requires the attendee to assert themselves as one of the assemblage. The exigency of their situation is such that they must make their needs known through assertions, declarations, and statements that tell the assembled workshop body what they need from their readers. If an attendee does not request information from the other workshop attendees, does not assert themselves in any manner, they are likely to be ignored in favor of those that have made the effort to explain the exigencies of their situations.

Creative Style:
Books lined the walls, journals of literary worth and magazines such as The New Yorker in every corner. In the middle of the room was a large, round, dar

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