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RAURSOFT provides tailor-made solutions to its customers by developing Custom Software/Web Portals for them.

Why RAURSOFT suggests custom software?
While building custom software is expensive, the return on investment can be well worth it. There are several reasons to consider:

- Off-the-shelf software cannot meet every need. Canned solutions generally address many of the needs of most companies. If your business has specialized needs, custom software may be better qualified to meet them.

- Canned solutions are rigid. The vast majority of off-the-shelf software will not allow you to modify its functionality in a meaningful way. It may be difficult to add or subtract built-in features, leading to either too many or too few functions for your company.

- Off-the-shelf software may not be compatible with other programs. Your business might rely on Software A to complete one task and Software B to finish a second, related task. If the two programs do not communicate effectively, they may hinder your efficiency. If you build your software, you can integrate with a broader set of APIs from different software and data partners.

RAURSOFT provides Custom software development on two platforms.

- Opensource (PHP, Python, ROR CakePHP, Codeigniter, etc.)
- .NET

How can custom software help scale your company?

- Increased productivity.: An integrated platform can yield significant efficiency gains since all the data in one place and users do not have to switch between different websites as part of their workflow

- Competitive advantage: By designing your technology that is ideally suited for your specific business operations, you can garner a competitive advantage relative to your competitors.

- Faster reaction time: As your business needs change and as your industry evolves, being able to shift technology strategies quickly can mean the difference between market dominance and obsolesces.

Quality assurance

Reliable quality assurance is a vital part of the execution policy. RAURSOFT has a highly specialized and well-equipped self-governing QA department that maintains software quality assurance and audit.

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