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Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan

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Data Science

We are a Data Scientist Professionals. Also have hands-on experience in Big Data technologies and analytics ecosystems (Hadoop, Spark, Spark MLlib, SparkSQL, Kafka, Alluxio, AWS, Azure, Google cloud). Work well independently and within teams.

Advanced methods of mathematics, probability, statistics, including linear algebra, machine learning, Regression, Classification, Artificial Neural Networks, CNN, RNN,LSTM etc, Random Forest/Boosting, Decision trees,SVM, Bayesian Variants, predictive modeling, Time series forecasting, Exploratory data analysis, Julia language, etc. feel free to ask for more.
Computer vision;- Face detection and recognition, object detection and tracking, OCR, ANPR, image processing. (Open CV) Etc
We are very passionate about my work. We believe if you work hard & have a growth mindset you can do anything. We know the value of time. We are very hard working and always deliver work on time. Our motive is to make my employer happy without additional charges. If you are looking for these skills, We are the right Team for you. We hope to deliver you the best of best services. Hire Us to get the job done.

Our main areas of expertise are:
-Data Science & Advanced Analytics - Scikit Learn, Keras, Tensor-flow, Nilearn
-Spark;- Spark ML/Spark Streaming/Spark SQL/ Spark Graphs
-Python, Scala, R
-SQL, NoSQL, Apache Cassandra, general IT expertise.
-Data visualizations(both static and interactive) Power BI, Tableau, Data studio, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Plotly, Seaborn, Bokeh ) and R (Shiny, dplyr, ggplot2, Plotly).
- Machine learning for business and financial applications.
- Deep learning for Computer vision: Image classification, Object detection
We have PhDs, Bachelor's degree holders in Software Engineering, Computer Science Statistics,Data Analysts,Data Scientists,Business Analysts.
We would like to turn your imaginations(ideas) to reality!

$30 / Hour
$250 minimum budget