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19 Years Experience 1) System that produces n-tier systems - C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, XML 2) Billing Systems - C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, XML, Integration Brokder 3) Claims System - C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, XML, MQ Series. 4) Mainframe integration - Integration Brokers, Java, C#, XML 5) Marketing Application N-Tier ASP,VB/COM+,SQL Server 7.0, COMTI, MQ Series to OS/390 (Application Architect, Lead Developer, Technical Consultant) 6) Field Force Applications N-Tier (Skills Same as 1) (Application Architect, Lead Developer, Technical Consultant) 7) Billing Application N-Tier Distributed / Mainframe (Skills Same as 1) (Lead Developer, Technical Consultant) 9) Automated Cut Order Machine. Integrated to AS/400. (NT 4.0, Touch Screen, Bar Coder, VB COM, Synergetics I/O card, Beckoff I/O modules, access database, queing performed with IBM's Client Access). 9) Caustic Recovery System (ABB MOD 300 and Advant. Complete application development - FCM's, Supervi

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AccessApplication DevelopmentArchitectASPASP.NETBillingBilling SystemsCC#cnmConsultantDeveloperEngineeringJavaMainframeMarketingMcpMcseMicrosoft SQL ServerSQLXML

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