Alexandria, Khowst, Afghanistan

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Database Design

1) Designed and developed a Geocode HTTP Service (GHS). GHS accepts asynchronous calls from clients, prioritizes them in queue, makes synchronous calls to the Google Maps API, and notifies clients when the address has been Geocoded.2) Used Jquery, AJAX, JSON, Spring MVC, Javascript, and JSTL to process various requests made by the user through UI. Utilized Jquery validation at the page level and also on the backend at the Controller. Made AJAX calls and returned results using JSON.3) Created a Quartz job that is based on a Semaphore structure that stores the lock in a database table. Job is to run every 20 minutes if the lock is available. If a previous job still running then job will wait. Once job runs it contact GHS above and updates records and sends an email with the number of records updated.4) Development of a prototype application to be used in a demo to the USPS, for the purposes of highlighting Amazon EC2 Framework. Developed with Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, and JQuery. Support

$15 / Hour
$0 minimum budget