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For starters, we don't sell fruits. We're an advertising agency. Established in 2002, we carry out both above and below-the-line advertising. For the former, we've managed several press and billboard ads. For below-the-line, we've produced exclusive marketing tools and designed intricate decor for several events. On that note, we've also managed high-profile events. Moreover, as an up and coming agency, we also carry out audio-visual production. This is to complement our hype management service, giving added value and more creative control to our clients. We appreciate your taking a few minutes to get to know Green Melon. However, we'd like to think this brief introduction as only a precursor to our meeting you. After all, actions speak louder than words and we'd like to show what we can do, rather than say what we can think about ourselves. So please do get in touch with us. But not to buy fruits. Have a productive day.

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