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Gone the days when people used to travel miles for the exploration ofanything they felt mysterious or out of their circle of knowledge.Today, with the encroachment of science and technology, everythingseems to be advancing as the days pass by. With this situation ourmethods to find or explore about different tings we not really know orhave doubt about them also have been changed. This is the age ofInternet as we all know. People are now interlinked all over the worldso as their means of living. Now anyone who feels to have any doubtabout anything just rushes to the internet for valuable research. Andfor this search engines e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Excite, AOL, AltaVista play a vital role for the having the record of almost everything tobe searched.Based on above facts I believe that I am a skilled and passionate writer and has extensive experience with various writing styles: online freelance writing (SEO, social media and internet marketing), reports and manuals, eBook writing, techn

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