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In my professional role as your editor, I will ensure that your written content is flawless and ready for publication. I will check your piece for good flow and point out omissions or content that is not essential to the work as a whole. Perhaps the piece needs better focus or an alternative format. I will steer your work to where it needs to go, correcting syntax, spelling, grammar and more.
As a proofreader, I am picky and search for flaws. When you present your writing to others, whether it's to publishers or on the web, errors will stick out and the reader will focus on those errors and perhaps even stop reading at that point. Another pair of eyes looking over your writing or your entire web site can make all the difference. I know that when I click on web sites with gross grammatical errors or poor spelling, I move on. Don't let that happen to your site or your article!

I am a former school teacher with a background in English and Behavioral Sciences. If you need your work or web site proofread, I will go over it with a fine-tooth comb, picking out errors, checking for style, formatting, tense agreement and more. I can promise you excellent work with an eye toward efficiency and quick turnover.

I refer to The Chicago Manual of Style and use Word's Track Changes tool, but I can use other reference tools if preferred. My creative experience includes being on the staff of two literary magazines, writing for magazines and newspapers, and publishing my own short stories and poetry. I have also written dozens of educational essays and test questions for educational web sites.

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