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 Extensive experience in capacity planning, network management, and total structure of SONET/SDH Transport Network.  Extensive experience and knowledge of xDSL, and VDSL Standard Protocols in specific Data Encapsulation techniques, include Multi-link PPP and HDLC (Nixdorf), GFP, RPR, VCAT, and LCAS programming in C++, C#.  Development experience of products designed hardware, and software including protocols such as TCP/IP, ISDN ATM and POS.  Network Simulation analysis using OPNET tools for 3D network modular, Flow control analysis, ACE decode, and high level networks architecture.  Published 3 Patents related technology of packet Over SONET.  Designed and development of routers, and switches products for Satellite network system architecture from WAN to LAN using ATM, TCP/IP, and iSCSI.  Expertise in Cellular - Microwave Network Architecture using CDPD. Network simulation and budget modeling analysis using OPNET. Familiar with New protocol called Binary Runtime Env

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3DAnalysisArchitectureBrewBudget ModelingCC#C++Capacity PlanningLanManagementModelingPatentsProgrammingRoutersSoftware DesignSwitchesTcp/ipWanWireless

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