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Fundraiser, pitch and finance expert

I’m responsible for multimillion dollars invested in startups. You will have only attempt to impress your prospective investor and can not end up embarrassed because your deck sucked. If raise investment for the first time most likely your success rate would be 5%. My personal successful raise rate is 3-4 times higher.

Areas of Expertise:
1) Business & Strategic Consulting - business plans, financial models, opportunity evaluation (TAM, SAM, SOM), marketing plan, go-to-market strategies, operating metrics, budgets & forecasts, etc.
2) Fund Raising & Investor documents - information memorandum, pitch decks, financial models, term sheets, valuation, etc.
3) Fund Raising - pitching to my "warm" investors base.
4) Market Research - industry analysis, market sizing, competitive analysis, customer analysis, SWOT, etc.

I can't help everybody, but we may be a great fit if you are:
1) Raising a $300K+ Pre-Seed, Seed but have no idea what's expected
2) A Great business owner, but you need a trained second set of eyes
3) Embarrassed by your last pitch and investors aren’t writing checks
4) Pitching at investor meetings in the next few weeks – and last round's Pitch Deck just isn't going to cut it!
Benefits of working with me:
1) You’ll end up with investor-grade documents that will raise capital
2) You’ll save money by taking my high-quality work and reusing it in your sales decks - and avoid paying retainers to investment bankers!
I've pitched dozens of investors & successfully raised for my own innovative IT business. I’ve also been an investor, advisor & finance director – so I’ve got a 360 view from every seat at the boardroom table. I know what it takes to generate investor documents that you feel confident pitching, and investors feel safe investing in.

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