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Ghost Writing & Books

Writing books is my passion. Whether I am hired to interview and write a biography or assist in writing a novel, I am passionate about books.

I can work either as a ghost writer, collaborator, or sole author. The rates for writing a book depend on several factors. Some of those are, but not limited to:

- Estimated word count
- Interviews, transcription, and data collection
- Current workload and deadline needed
- Total estimated hours to complete

While hiring someone to write a book can be an expensive pursuit I try to keep my rates middle of the road with my contemporaries and can offer several suggestions to lower the overall cost or minimize the impact of cost over time.

I am not going to say that in order for a writer to be good they need to charge X amount. That would be ridicules as there are plenty of great writers who just need a couple of extra dollars and write as a hobby.

However, I can say that choosing the right writer for your project more often saves money (even if charging more) than someone who is not the right fit. I frequently receive work from someone who hired a writer on cost, ignoring other warning signs. This happens often is unfortunate, especially since the person now has to pay someone to start over or fix the problem. I do my research every year to make sure my rates are mid-priced for American writers. This will obviously not compare to someone in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or other countries. I can't compete with those prices. But, I can offer a flexibility, availability, a good product, experience, and a comfortable process.

I, of course, want your business. However, I am just as concerned that someone looking for a writer makes good decisions. Here are some tips to find a writer for you:

1. Within your budget. Whether you have a lot or a little to spend, be realistic on what your budget is. But, don't hire someone just to save a buck. This will hurt you in the end.
2. Talk with the writer on the phone or Skype. Actually talk to multiple writers is you need. This is a gauge of how you will work together on the project. It is also a way for you to evaluate if the writer is knowledgeable of the process, business, and industry.
3. Do your homework. Whether this is an online search of the writer, or of questions to ask a writer, do some work.
4. Prep for your discussion. Write out your questions ahead of time. There are plenty of resources to help you on what questions to ask a potential writer.
5. Stick with your gut feelings.
6. Do not be afraid to establish boundaries ahead of time. Most writers who've been around for awhile have their terms and conditions for a project, Yet, those writers also understand compromise.

$55 / Hour
$100 minimum budget

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