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HTML5 Web Development

HTML5 is the latest HTML and XHTML version that attempts to solve limitations of previous versions of HTML. It also addresses the need of web apps development, an area which was previously not covered by HTML. HTML5 development offers facilities for the web development with audio and video playbacks without any plug-in.

Better Functionality and Facilities in HTML5
- Website and apps are easy to build and debug with HTML as there is no need for specialized coding, popularized by the developers community as “Lines Reduced, Creativity Increased”.

- The Canvas option allows the drawing of complex graphics and animations, enabling developers to add videos and images. HTML5 also makes web and apps development cross browser compatible.

- HTML5 animation programs such as Adobe Edge contributes significantly towards building incredible HTML5 websites with spectacular applications.

- It supports neat and clear drag and drops, which makes the web development processes easy and efficient in no time. Efficiently implemented techniques help finish
HTML5 app development quickly.

- Key Feature of HTML5 is the “Built in” ability to play audio and video without any external media player plug-ins.

Advantages of HTML5 Web Development at 20thFloor's Technologies
- 20thFloor's Technologies has years of experience in website development with HTML techniques. Get attractive and interactive websites by hiring experts in HTML5 app development who have technological expertise and tons of experience. We offer flexible hiring options for HTML5 developers on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Through 20thFloor's Technologies, you will be able to get an attractive website not just for PC, but for your smartphone and tablet too.

We provide our clients with access to track the progress of their projects through a client support system. As a client, you can communicate with experts working on your project th

$20 / Hour
$1,500 minimum budget