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• (2009) IBM National Service Support System (NSS) - Mainframe environment
IBM from Brazil, need to document (in English) the complete Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) screen functions. For IBM National Service Support System (NSS) in Canada&USA. This CICS functions, commands call dispatching related paperwork: Historic calls and Results, Active Calls Results, Client IBM´s products Inventory, Customer Profile, Display Contracts Entitlements, IBM Services Representatives (SR) Profile. Successful results made me Support (Help Desk) for the operational team responsible for analyzing and resolving problems occurring in the NSS areas (Canada, USA), during production.
• “BELO MONTE DAM “ (BARRAGEM BELO MONTE) Information architecture for a System to control the construction of Belo Monte Hydro electrical Generation dam in northern of Brazil. IBM Internal publication.(2011)
• Credit Card migration.
(2000) During the merge of different Banking groups into the Mundial Confiança Insurance Group (Lisbon), all Credit Cards was converted using COGAN software (target environment for managing the “plastics”). I manage the technical outsourced team and also function as language (English-Portuguese) interpreter between the consulting firm, owner of the COGAN software, and the different Banking Groups team. I was responsible for converting one Credit-Card, also was in charge of documenting the all process.
Proyect: Dissertation
• Develop my thesis (and main computer program): "Short Term Hydro-Generation Scheduling" in Operational Hydrothermal Production in Waterloo (Canada). Obtain the 2o. Best student place in a group of 25 Brazilian Engineers, in a master course of 9 months.

Project: Schools Information Management (Desktop-Cliente/Server environment)
• In Panama develop and commercialize a System for Schools Information Management. The paperwork (propositions, presentation, user-manual....) all; in Spanish and Portuguese

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