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Designed and implemented a web application, including the developer interface, that allows developer to create services that join tables from multiple databases and locations, rendering the results to the web, using Javascript, JAVA, HTML, ASP, and MAPPER Script. Three patent applications have been accepted in my name for my part of this project. Produced property pages, subtotaling command, methods to check for data format changes and update command dialogs appropriately, for a Windows Graphical Interface for a legacy database to replace the existing green screen interface using C++ with MFC. Contributed to the success of the product within weeks of joining a new department and learning C++ and MFC. Designed, wrote, and supported diagnostic programs for a Mainframe Systems including: a diagnostic control program that monitors automatic execution of field diagnostics; memory tests; error data analysis/display programs; as well a tape build processor that ensured correct release

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AnalysisASPCC++Data AnalysisDeveloperEngineeringHTMLJavaJavaScriptMainframeMapperMfcRenderingSoftware DesignSoftware EngineeringUnisysWindows

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